The EmpathED Platform

EmpathED empowers schools to support their students with LEARNING DISABILITIES and OTHER HEALTH IMPAIRMENTS by training educators with Virtual Reality and multi-media.

Professional Development
You Can Feel

"Experience what it may feel like to be a student with Dyslexia"

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Empathy in the Classroom

Educators will learn techniques that can be used in the classroom today, helping them develop awareness and interact empathetically with students in order to maximize educational outcomes, mitigate stress and anxiety associated with learning differences, and increase confidence of the instructor.

MicroCourses (18 minutes each)

        Dyslexia / Reading Differences

        Autism Spectrum


        Depression & Anxiety

Preview the EmpathED Course on Dyslexia

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The Problem

In today’s K-12 education landscape, almost every teacher interacts with and is responsible for Special Education students.

Most educators are severely lacking updated training in today’s most prevalent Learning Disabilities & Other Health Impairments found in America’s schools.

Over 20% of the population identify as having a disability


63% of those millions of students with Learning Disabilities receive the majority of their education in General Education classrooms


75% of Educators feel under-prepared to teach diverse student populations

Immersive Training

made for Educators


Our Solution

The EmpathED online learning platform provides educators with training on learning disabilities and special education needs through immersive interactive experiences and visual media.

The platform leverages cutting edge interactive technology, resulting in high efficacy and recall rates found with immersive learning experiences, while also ensuring usability and accessibility across any smart device.

Learn the science behind each diagnosis

Provide appropriate accommodations

Understand the student's strengths

Learn how to use neutral language 

Create an emotionally-safe environment

Take away tactical tips to be used in the classroom 

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& Advisory Board

Kirsten Bronkovic
Chief Empath Officer

Kirsten is passionate about Special Education, but also believes that every child should be treated with compassion and respect.


She has spent her career in both business and education. Kirsten holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Pittsburgh and an M.S.Ed in Education Entrepreneurship from the University of Pennsylvania. 

Elliot Higgins
Chief Production Officer
Mark Rubbo
Chief Creative Officer
Dr. Christa Bialka
Professor of Special Education
Akeesha Washington
Certified School Counselor
Harvey Koeppel
Instructor & Educational Consultant
Dr. Michael McKenna
School Principal
Dr. Brie Moore
Child Psychologist
Alyssa Marton
Director of Special Education
Ariel Schwartz
Associate Director of
Interactive Technology
Francesca Cademartori
Student & Dyslexia Advocate
Dr. Kelly J. Grillo
Special Education Teacher, Researcher & Advocate
Remington Scott
Virtual Reality Consultant
Amy Laff
Special Education Teacher

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